Over the past three and a half decades, HYDMECH has become a worldwide leader in metal band saw and cold saw technology and metal sawing solutions. Their progressive attitudes combined with innovative solutions in design and manufacturing have earned them a solid reputation as a company that meets the sawing challenges head on for all of their customers.

Throughout the years, HYDMECH has established a Quality Pledge, which ensures customers receive the best cost-per-cut solution through advanced engineering technologies, premium quality parts, product longevity, incomparable service, and maintenance. Our Quality Pledge makes HYDMECH “The Rock Solid Solution” for customers in a variety of industries. 


Our Pledge: We promise to provide the best cost-per-cut solution for our customers.

We will do this by employing the latest design and engineering technologies; using only high quality parts and components; providing fast response customer service; maintaining a superior distribution network; and by  being the all-around leaders in technical and maintenance support.

To find the best cost-per-cut solution for your application, please contact us at 208-714-4652.

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