Objective-Driving operational performance through increased equipment and process reliability.

Program Benefits

  • Restore system productivity

  • Avoid any unnecessary shutdown

  • Increase the efficiency of equipment

  • Prolong the system life

  • Improve the overall plant productivity

  • Essential to maintain product quality

  • Increase plant profit

As an organization we are always striving to exceed expectations, so we customize our PM checklist to meet the specific needs and goals of each individual customer. We are able to add Ball Bar Testing, Laser Alignments, and Portable Rotary Alignment.

Ball Bar Testing

Single best device for checking contouring accuracy of machine tools. This shows how to axes work together to move the machine in a circular path. Analyzing the data will show backlash error, servo-error, periodic error, scale mismatch and squareness.

Laser Alignment

Provides simultaneous measurement of all axis errors from a single setup. It features the ability to evaluate velocity, acceleration, parallelism, squareness and flatness.

Swivel Check

The rotary axis instrument of choice for professional machinists. It utilizes a servo-driven motor in conjunction with an electronic level and a precision encoder. Designed with ease of use, efficiency and accuracy