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Small lot work?
Machines don’t make parts . . . people do!
We believe that your people are both your competitive advantage and your bottleneck. Making your people more productive is your best opportunity.

Southwestern Industries is committed to making work easier and more productive for shops that make parts in small quantities. With over 25 years of designing, manufacturing and selling ProtoTRAK CNCs and TRAK machines, we’ve become experts at serving the needs of people who do that work.


    The TRAK 2op

    Dramatically improve your productivity by:

    • Reducing production cycle times

    • Improving labor utilization

    • Reducing planning and organization


    • 2.5’ x 4’ footprint

    • Fits easily almost anywhere


    • Three-Axis simultaneous CNC

    • 8-station tool changer

    • Built-in jergens ™ball locks

    Substantial Capacity:

    • X, Y, Z travels: 14” x 12” x 17”

    Easy to Move:

    • Ships with a pallet jack

    • Move and set up in minutes

    • Position wherever needed to do work

    ProtTRAK TMX

    Easy to Increase Productivity:

    • Have operators run an additional machine

    • Keep primary machines running with jobs that fit their capabilities

    • Eliminate stacking or moving parts

    • Reduce overall cycle times

    The production system that attacks set up time!


    The TRAK LPM integrates the control, machine and person to a degree never seen before. The objective of each system is to form a part of the production system that drives set up labor and changeover time to the minimum.


    A unique answer to the problems of small run production:

    • Ideal for jobs that run in a few hours or a couple of days

    • Great for machinists who already know ProtoTRAK

    • Shop floor production system that one man can run

    • “Problem jobs” that don’t fit into the production system or the toolroom

    Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 1.13.05 AM

    Impressive Capacity:

    • Table size 35 3/8″ X 19 5/8″

    • X, Y, Z travels: 31” x 18.5” x 21”

    • 16 station CAT 40 ATC

    4th Axis Option:

    • True 4-Axis interpolation

    Control Options:

    • DXF File converter to import CAD data into programs

    • CAM Out converter to export ProtoTrak as CAM files

    Auto Geometry Engine:

    The Auto Geometry Engine (A.G.E.) is a powerful software that automatically fills in missing print dimensions as you program. It is CAD capability embedded into CNC programming.



          TRAK TRL 2470sx

      Technology that makes every small lot turning job easier!

      The largest lathe in our product line, combines capacity, rigidity

      and the versatility of the ProtoTRAK SLX CNC.

      Improve productivity in small lot & toolroom turning:

      • Manual or CNC operation

      • Electronic handwheels and jogstick

      • DRO mode for manual machining

      • Programmable spindle speeds with geared headstock


      • 24” Swing, 70” between centers

      • Generous 4.09” spindle through hole

      • 8-position Dorian indexer option

      Control Options:

      • Re-thread Capability

      • TRAKingTM uses handwheels to control CNC run

      • DXF File converter to import CAD data into programs

      • CAM Out converter to export ProtoTrak as CAM files

      Program CYCLE:

      With the powerful CYCLE capability of ProtoTRAK lathe CNCs, you simply define your part geometry and the dimensions of your stock. The tool path is generated automatically.

      Just a few simple inputs in the powerful Cycle event…

      …and the hard work of defining the tool path

      is done for you




      Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 4.40.17 PM

      ProtoTRAK CNC retrofits will bring your knee mill into the modern age.

      If your going to keep and use an older machine, retrofit it with a ProtoTRAK CNC. It’s a great, cost effective way to keep your people working as efficiently as possible. We only retrofit small knee mills and our experience has been honed by 20 years experience and over 15,000 successful retrofits. It’s easy- your factory trained technicians can do it right in your shop in about a day.

      How it Works:

      Even a machine with some wear can be a good candidate for a retrofit. Ballscrews will be installed in the table and the saddle and electronic machine tool error calibration and backlash compensation help maintain accuracy. The retrofit kit includes everything: motors, CNC Control, hardware, ballscrews, fasteners, and even cable ties. Custom kits for dozens of machine are available in either two or three-axis CNC.

      Custom and General Kits are available for the following brands of machines:

      *note, not all models may be retrofitted — contact us for more information.


      ProtoTRAK SMX CNC

      Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 5.04.27 PM